Medicine for the Greater Good is committed to creating a pipeline between our findings in community health and the broader medical community. Here are some publications that have come out of our work and various other recommended readings:

A Brief Historical Review of Specific Religious Denominations: How History Influences Current Medical–Religious Partnerships.

A positive psychology intervention in a Hindu community: the pilot study of the Hero Lab Curriculum.

Building Healthy Communities Through Medical-Religious Partnerships

Caring for the Caregiver: Identifying the Needs of Those Called to Care Through Partnerships with Congregations

Community Initiatives and Medical Education: Time to Strengthen the Commitment.

Creating Clarity: Distinguishing Between Community and Population Health

Critical Care Medicine and Community Involvement in Addressing Health Disparities

Graduate medical education in the Freddie Gray era.

Health Promotion in the Community: Impact of Faith-Based Lay Health Educators in Urban Neighborhoods.

Neighbourhood characteristics and health outcomes: evaluating the association between socioeconomic status, tobacco store density and health outcomes in Baltimore City

Policy and Advocacy for Informal Caregivers: How State Policy Influenced a Community Initiative

Promoting health and wellness in congregations through lay health educators: a case study of two churches.

Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Types of Projects Implemented by Volunteer Lay Health Educators in Their Congregations

The effect of community socioeconomic status on sepsis-attributable mortality

The Lay Health Educator Program: Evaluating the Impact of this Community Health Initiative on the Medical Education of  Resident Physicians