What We Do

Medicine for the Greater Good (MGG), formally established in 2013 at Johns Hopkins Bayview, is an initiative and formal curriculum that seeks to train and educate medical residents in bridging the gap in health disparities between the hospital and the community.

MGG is a unique partnership between Johns Hopkins, the City of Baltimore and its residents. A “medical peace corps,” MGG volunteers work with schools, churches and community centers to promote good health practices, such as discussions about diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer screening, diet and exercise.

MGG volunteers hail from across Hopkins’ schools and disciplines, including the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and School of Nursing, undergraduates at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus, the Carey Business School and the Peabody Institute. Volunteers work to serve the East Baltimore community by participating in health awareness projects throughout the community that bring important healthcare information to the public.


MGG’s work and accomplishments have been widely recognized by local newspapers, medical research journals, and other national publications:

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