Each year Medicine for the Greater Good works with many residents and volunteers to promote health and wellness within the community of the Greater Baltimore area. The aim of these projects is to bridge the gap in health disparities between the hospital and the community. Our target range is the entire community from elementary school age children to the elderly. Explore below to see our most recent projects.

Lay Health Educators | Begun in the Fall of 2011, the Lay Health Educator Program (LHEP) is designed to improve community member awareness and understanding of specific health concerns. Physicians teach community members current health concerns and issues and these community members become our Lay Health Educators. The program is specifically targeted at congregations, where lay health educators can encourage healthcare awareness among fellow congregation members.

Depression Initiative | Unfortunately, depression is a disease that often goes unnoticed. The Depression Initiative aims to raise awareness about depression in the Baltimore area.

Caregiver Cafes | Caregiver Cafes are offered to support those who take care of loved ones, friends or even themselves. It is a general support group that discusses issues faced by caregivers, but also allows caregivers to come together and share ideas with one another. It is free and open to the public.

Honoring Your Wishes | At MGG, we recognize that healthcare is crucial to overall well-being. We also recognize that the voice of the patient should be heard throughout the receipt of health care and the patient’s wishes should be honored. Unfortunately, towards the end of life the patient’s voice may become quiet. This initiative focuses on designing Advanced Directives so that the patient’s voice is always heard.